Dee Siegenthaler has made her company, Creative Concepts, a staple in the world of home design. Whether it’s starting from scratch to craft an entirely new look or taking what you already have and reimagining it into something fresh, Dee can do it. Just walking into her home decor retail shop will spark your excitement for the possibilities. While it would be easy to tell the rest of Dee’s story, here’s who she is in her own words.

How long have you been in business?

I started Creative Concepts as a furniture, accessories and decorating business on Grand Lake in Northeastern Oklahoma over seventeen years ago. It has been my privilege to provide my products and services to some of the most luxurious properties on the lake and surrounding areas. I pride myself on developing unique, special designs and goods that are of the highest quality and that will withstand the fashion changes of time.

How involved is your family?

Creative Concepts was a gift from my husband to appreciate as we became empty nesters and transitioned our lives to a different family involvement. To say very involved would be too easy as the fact is that this is a family business to include children, grandchildren and extended aunts and uncles and their families. We all live within four miles of the store now. In the past the females of the family spent two major holidays at the store having special sales and enjoying our opportunity.

What part of the business are you most passionate about?

I love the oohs and awws I hear as customers comment about how different and unique we are from the box stores. I especially enjoy the opportunities to custom design a complete makeover for a worn out home or facility that I can bring back to life using our special gifts and talents. I have been given the gift of patience, so very necessary in dealing with a sometimes fickle public, and I find it so gratifying when they say, "This looks like me now."

What services do you provide?

Design, custom ordering and refreshing existing homes by small changes only seen by the trained eye. I am able to go into clients homes and take their existing décor and furnishings and place them in different areas of the house to give the rooms a whole new atmosphere and feeling. I pride myself on being able to use what is in a client’s home already and rearranging it in ways that make it look brand new and inviting.

How did you choose this business?

I was raised in Henryetta, Oklahoma without a father but with a blessed mother who sacrificed her life all for us. Since we had little in material goods, I frequently rearranged the sparse furniture that we had in our small home and dreamed of doing it in a grander way in adulthood.  I even rearranged and did minor decorations for houses that I cleaned as a teenager. It is a part of my soul that the Lord has provided with wonderful fulfillment. I feel that it is a God given gift, that with the passing of time and value of experience, has turned into a very special talent.

Tell us a little about your history in Oklahoma.

As above, born and raised in Henryetta, Oklahoma where I met my husband-to-be (now [my husband of] over 50 years) and where I give a lot of my credit for many of the values that I hold dear today. We have lived in Tulsa for over 50 years and I'm excited to bring our services to a new exciting area in one of the most energetic and growing parts of our great community. To be surrounded by such a loving and committed family makes this an exciting time for all of us.

Exciting indeed. Everyone at Creative Concepts is committed to not only customer satisfaction, but to customer comfort and peace as well. Dee Siegenthaler takes so much joy in providing true living spaces for those she serves, that it can’t help but spread to her own family and the families whose homes she carefully, creatively, and happily designs.